Meet Dexter

    Dexter arrived in Iowa in October 2006.  He was born in and
    received his initial training in Germany. His HZP score was 180.  
    Both confirmation and coat were scored Very Good.  His hip
    result was Excellent with a score of 1.00 (127).  This dog is
    proving to be an excellent dog in the field.   He has mainly been
    worked on pheasant.   He has an excellent search pattern and
    when locked down on point, he is accurate, stylish and intense.  
    Dexter is a dog with lots of "go" but he is very friendly and a great

    Dexter's Sire, Nero Vom Eustenaback (Westerman Kennel -
    Germany), is a well-known sire in Europe and his offspring are
    consistently high scoring and competent producers in the field.

    Nero's VGP Score was a 330 Prize I with confirmation and coat
    scored a Very Good.  

    Dexter's mother is Ina Vom Eulenfelsen.  In talking with the
    previous owner of Dexter, he indicated that siblings of Dexter
    were scoring consistently high and demonstrated true Small
    Munsterlanders characteristics.  Ina's VGP score was also a Prize
    I (327).  Confirmation and coat were scored Very Good.



Nero Vom Eustenaback

Ina Vom Eulenfelsen