Meet Charly

    Charly was born in Germany but came to Riverhills Kennel in November 2007.  He
    was trained and tested in Germany.  He completed his HZP in September of 2007
    and scored 183.  His coat and form were judged as very good (VG).

    In October he ran in the GVP at the age of twenty-two months and scored 331 -
    Prize I.  He appears to be a very balanced dog with a pleasing personality.  This is
    the second time this cross has been made.  Charly is a litter mate to Caesar,
    pictured below.

    Charly is 54 cc in height and weighs 47 - 49 pounds.

    Charly's sire is Benn Vom Bernstein.  Benn is an outstanding hunter and
    his GVP score of 341/ is an indication of his overall ability.  His
    structure score was a good and his coat was scored excellent.

    Charly's dam is Uleika aus der Wolfskammer.  Her GVP score was
    324/ with the body structure score of very good and the coat score of
    excellent.  Information received from her owner indicates she has been a
    producer of outstanding offspring and a real pleasure to hunt.  


Benn Vom Bernstein
GVP 341/


Uleika aus der Wolfskammer
GVP 324/