Meet Andy

    Andy is strong in the Daffy lineage. I have trained four dogs from
    this lineage and all have proved to be outstanding on both
    waterfowl an upland game. Andy is no exception. I have hunted
    many different dogs and from many different breeds. When I
    compare Andy's overall work in the field with dogs I have
    hunted/trained, it is my belief that he is in the upper 10% . He is
    very consistent and balanced in all aspects of his hunting skills. He
    is superb in tracking and is solid and stylish on point. He has sired
    two litters and litter #1 was a Breeder's Award litter. I trained three
    pups from this litter and all were easily trained, consistent in all
    areas plus were superior in pointing. The pointing in this lineage
    seems to be exceptional. The second litter are now two years old
    and those that have been tested have scored well. All are very
    good in hunting both water fowl and upland birds. Temperament-
    wise pups from both litters have proved to be excellent family

    Andy is an excellent example of the hunting ability of the SM breed.
    He has a great temperament as well. My son has hunted Andy for
    the last four or five years. He has done the job in the field plus has
    been a family companion for my granddaughters. Hunters in that
    area frequently come to get Andy to assist them to find down birds
    and Andy tends to meet the highest of expectations in this skill

Daffy's Benji
(A Danish Import)

Ashley V. Black Diamond