Meet Elance

    Elance came to Iowa in January 2006 from Denmark.  Her
    bloodlines will be known to many in the United States as she
    comes from the Daffy lineage.  In training Elance, it was apparent
    from the very beginning that she was fleet of foot and was strong
    on point.  Elance's NAT score was 107 Prize II.  She scored all 4's
    with the exception of search where she received a three.

    Elance's sire is SKOT and her mother is Daffy's Bella. Per Porsild,
    well-known judge and long time breeder of Small Munsterlanders
    (Denmark) indicated he though he was the person that
    recommended this cross of SKOT and Bella.  They were of high
    quality and had traits he believed would result in an outstanding
    litter.  When specifically asked about SKOT he stated he was a
    very consistent performer, very balanced and a real pleasure to
    hunt.  Per also indicated both of these dogs are excellent
    representatives of the breed both in hunting ability and in

    The owner of Bella, Jens Foldager, indicated Bella was a typical
    Daffy dog - strong in the field, worked to please, and was very
    adaptable to various terrain and various game.

    I have hunted the Daffy lineage for several generations.  This line
    of dogs proved to be consistent in performance, great
    temperament, score well in testing, and are adaptable to hunt
    various species of game.


Daffy's Bella

(Bella is dog in front)