I would never have dreamed sixty years ago when I first started hunting that I would be able
    to share pictures, lineage, and experience through cyberspace.  People in the area know that
    I enjoy working with dogs and hunting.  When they ask about which breed I hunt, I answer
    with SMALL MUNSTERLANDERS.  The follow-up question most often asked is, "Would you
    repeat that?"  When I do, they ask what kind of breed is that?  I understand the question
    because about twelve years ago I would have asked the same question.  Briefly, I've hunted
    many different breeds over the years.  I started with retriever breeds and then went to
    pointing breeds about 25 years ago.  I got interested in SMALL MUNSTERLANDERS about 12
    years ago and bought a pup.  After training him, I bought a female and retrained her to fit
    my needs.  I liked the breed so well that I sold all of my other hunting stock and have been
    hunting SMALL MUNSTERLANDERS ever since.

    During the past 10 years I have trained and hunted several Munsterlanders.  During this time
    I have kept only those individual dogs that consistently demonstrated qualities that I perceive
    to be most important in a quality hunting dog.  Additionally, I have planned breedings so
    that I have adequate training prospects.

    While some individual dogs are better than others, the commonalities I looked for included:


    In summary, I hunt SMP because I like a balanced dog that can be trained to work efficiently
    and consistently with a "want to please" personality.
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Consistent Performances
Controllability – search pattern was methodical and thorough
Superior Tracking Ability
Excellent In Water
High Adaptability To Various Terrains
Strong Marking Instincts
Great Personalities And Stable Temperament
Intense and Stylish Point